3M Aura Mouth Mask 9332+ FFP3
3M Aura Mouth Mask 9332+ FFP3
3M Aura Mouth Mask 9332+ FFP3
3M Aura Mouth Mask 9332+ FFP3

3M Aura Mouth Mask 9332+ FFP3


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AEM Filter Technology with Low Breathing Resistance: Provides effective filter performance while also reducing breathing resistance, improving breathing comfort and comfort
Ingenious 3-panel design: Suitable for many different face shapes and sizes and adapts to the movements of the face when speaking, enhancing wearing comfort. Easy to store when not in use.
Curved nose panel: Curved and low profile design, conforms well to the nose and eye contours, provides a good field of vision, improves eyewear compatibility
Innovative chin strap: Designed to be easy to put on and adjust the mask to the face for comfort.
Embossed top panel: Minimizes the flow of warm and humid exhaled air through the top panel, prevents fogging of glasses.
3M Cool Flow valve: The Cool Flow valve reduces heat build-up in the mask to give workers comfortable protection, even in humid conditions and heat
Headbands: Keeps the mask securely in place, provides a good, comfortable seal, color-coded to indicate degree of protection - red: FFP3 in accordance with EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
Individual packaging: The hygienic packaging protects the mask against contamination before use, suitable for practical storage and distribution on the work floor
Compatible with: 3M eye protection, 3M hearing protection
Maximum degree of use: Max. 50 x TLV
The 3M Aura 9332+ Dust Mask offers comfort and style without compromising performance. 3M's innovative new low breathing resistance filter technology allows you to breathe through your respiratory protection with less effort. Protects against dust and mist in a wide range of industrial applications and other situations that require FFP3 protection.

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